Institutions Implementing Programme


The Managing Authority for Technical Assistance Operational Programme (MA TAOP) in  Poland is Department of Aid Programmes in Ministry of Infrastructure and Development.

No Intermediate Bodies are involved in implementation  of the Programme.

A beneficiary submits to the Managing Authority  an application for project financing, in accordance with  the beneficiary’s authorisations to apply under the measure concerned.

The application for project co-financing is subject to a formal and content-related assessment to be carried out by employees of MA TAOP located in the Department for Aid Programmes in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. The decision to grant financing is issued and signed by MA TAOP.


Department of Aid Programmes

Ministry of Infrastructure and Development

Wspólna 2/4
00-926 Warsaw

tel.:  0048  22 773 78 00
fax: 0048  22 773 89 13